This Storm Will Blow Over You

by Matthew Welde

you pretend like you are alright

though you’re heart is full of loneliness and fear

you keep yelling at yourself all night

but you would tell someone if they would lend an ear

you’ve convinced yourself the end is drawing near

not so fast my dear



troubled times troubled mind

someday soon the sun will shine

we’ll have a laugh about what we went through

this storm will blow over you


it’s so heavy in this broken world

and you’re crumbling underneath the weight

just remember that you’re sail’s unfurled

let the wind carry you away

there ain't no going back to how it was before

it ain’t that way anymore




when you were on the rocks years ago

and you couldn’t catch a break to save your life

then a stranger came to bare your load

the darkness opened up and in came light

we all pickup on when things ain’t going right

so lend a hand tonight