The Hard Way

by Matthew Welde

life is harder than it looks

say it plain, tell no lie

temptation makes good men crooks

then poses as an alibi

but it’s tough to blame a man for not knowing

and tougher still to show him something

at the end of the day

the hours drift away

like the words they can’t convey

we gotta learn the hard way


started out without a clue

adventure was your soul pursuit

the ending point you always knew

so you walked it back from leaf to root

the obstacles you never could have seen

and all the ones that weren’t as they seemed

then you went astray

guilty of foul play

never thought you’d need to pray

cause we gotta learn the hard way


looking back through time

amazed at all you could not see

only seeing your own mind

and how you wanted things to be

the honest truth is no one really knows

just how far the pain can go

though regret may stay

it’s a price you pay

oh come what may

but it don’t matter what I say

Cause you’re gotta learn the hard way