by Matthew Welde


Señorita won’t you dance with me tonight?

i got tired of sitting tight

there’s a twinkle in your eye i can’t deny

it’s nice to meet you, do you always steal the room?

she’s said, “honey, don't assume

you’re cute and all but i’m a married woman soon."


i walked into the bar, her picture on the wall

relatives and all, her daddy owned the place


when he died he gave the business to his son

but her brother likes his fun, another pretty face


i grabbed a beer and watched the patrons filling up their tanks

working through the ranks to get a word with her


she never wears a ring when she is on the clock

the attention never stops and tips are best for lonely girls




i’ve been with men like you

who don’t know what they want to do

they don’t know where they’re going and forget where they have been

i’ve wasted so much time, i told myself i never would again


she cashed me out and i wrote down my number on the check

it said "with all due respect i’d love the chance to prove you wrong."