My Forgotten One

by Matthew Welde

nevermind how i got through
i didn’t have much else to do
i never thought that id see you
in the place where we first met
getting all there is to get
like a lizard in the sun
my oh my, my forgotten one

wrapped up in blankets on the beach
you would listen to me preach
you’d hide your rolling eyes from me
and whisper in my ear
i’m just glad that you are here
promise me you’ll never run
my oh my, my forgotten one

we walked around on halloween
through the mission district scene
i’d grab you just to hear you scream
like a wolf at the moon
couldn’t wait to get you home soon
cause you looked deadly as a gun
my oh my, my forgotten one

you drove me to check my bags
but you know how a jet can lag
we sat in your truck with the out of state tags
i was leaving LAX
and i knew what would come next
my conscience weighed a ton
my oh my, my forgotten one

you cut me off and, of course, i see why
you likely have another guy
who treats you like the earth and sky
with his forehead on your toes
but that’s the way it goes
there’s no undoing what i have done
my oh my, my forgotten one