Leave That Door Open

by Matthew Welde

she is not amused by you even though you’ve made it plain

you think that she’s got great potential

there is no mistaken what exactly is your aim

you’d like her to think that you’re essential

she knows it doesn’t look like she pays attention much

but she knows you only scratch your neck when you need service

she’s like some fancy art that you’re not allowed to touch

and you want to buy it for that purpose


leave that door open

leave that door ajar

leave that door open

so i can come and go as I please


you wish she envied you though you can see that’s not it

it’s partly why you seem to be so friendly

show the people just enough and then surprise them with your wit

you’ve been practicing the craft for half a century

but isn’t it exhausting to shuffle all those hats

hoping no one noticed you repeating?

you interrupt the flow to point out all the stats

and brag about deposits you’re receiving




you watch her struggle and you wish that you could too

but your acquaintances might think you’re softening

and if you go away and take a breather for a few

you might realize you don’t like what they’re offering

she has stopped pretending that you care about the work

you just want to feel something mysterious

if “it’s not like that at all” then why the condescending smirk?

you must really think that she’s delirious