It's Only Love in the End

by Matthew Welde

the hidden passage of your soul

is buried like a totem pole

begging you to gain control

and dig yourself out of that hole

get yourself out of that hole

or starve rather than be fed

don’t you starve your heart again

it’s only love in the end


the buzzing streets you once knew

make you sad and turn you blue

but what’s that got to do with you?

the world is changing you could too

the world is changing, why don’t you

forget about those streets from way back when?

but don’t forget your heart again


bloodthirsty vampire at your door

fabrications, nothing more

your mind has waged a pointless war

careful what you’re asking for

be careful what you’re asking for

delusion may creep into your head

don’t delude your heart again


you’re scared to clutch a point of view

go on take it, it belongs to you

did the work now see it through

what else are you supposed to do?

what are you supposed to do

just disappear rather than defend?

don’t disappear your heart again


courage has been sold downstream

in favor of a poisoned dream

sold to you by academe

it’s better to be than to seem to be

to be rather than to seem to be

please don’t follow them

just follow your heart instead

it’s only love in the end


Nietzsche said god is dead

and you don’t know what else Nietzsche said

ever wonder why that spread

like fire, could you be misled?

have you been misled

to disregard like all the rest of them?

don’t disregard your heart again

it's only love in the end