by Matthew Welde

i got back from my airplane trip

felt my heartbeat try to skip

i spent the week in barrooms with strangers

and all of New York’s famous dangers

i tried to laugh and neglected my health

just tryin’ to get away from myself

and i’ll admit, i did good


in the 48 hours i did it all

met 2 girls in that cocaine stall

i hopped a train and lost my head

the one thing i didn't do was bed

who needs sleep the streets are talking

talk is cheap and i like walking

i slept with them 2 in the loving sense but didn’t get a wink


i saw my old partners in crime

each one of them looked like they were dying

i said it’s good to see you man

they said man don't you understand?

there ain't no place for a man like me

there ain't no space, there ain't no sea

there ain’t no good and there’s no next week

And a man needs a place to go...

i knew he was right about that last part


i asked him to elaborate

on his deterministic sense of fate

but he dropped his drink and the glass shattered

and that seemed to be all that mattered

he said some live life symbolically

others shoot for comically

you may say the joke’s on me

but your not the one who’s laughing

i said that’s a good point too


he said we live in a world of snakes

there ain't no luck and there ain’t no breaks

i suggest you get on that plane tonight

cause If you don’t that snake’s gonna bite

but if you do it might go down

fly you right into the ground

but if i’m real about it...try

I’m gone’ stay right here and die

and one last thing…

if you go before i do don’t hate me if i’m laughing at ya

good luck he said and gave me a wink